“At this moment we do not come to work for the [institution], but to demand that the [institution] work for our people.”  --  Jose Vasconcelos

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During Aztec Times:

The sister city to the Aztec capital Tenochtitlán, Tlatelolco was a center of education and fine arts for the Aztec Empire and later the site was used for Spanish education by the Spanish colonists.

During Modern Times:

On October 2, 1968 in Mexico City at the Plaza de Las Tres Culturas, also called the Tlatelolco, over 1500 workers, students and children who were protesting the political and social conditions in Mexico were massacred by the Mexican government and military.

The name TLATELOLCO honors our Indigenous ancestors' commitment to education and commemorates those who, committed to serving their people, lost their lives.

The Meaning of Tlatelolco

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