“Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.”

 --  Maria Montessori

Mission Statement
To liberate the mind, heart, and spirit of students, through the knowledge of their
cultural expression, moral courage, and honorable behavior.
To empower students to become well educated, responsible, self-directed, think
critically and creatively, to challenge them to embrace their own history, acknowledge and
embrace their self-worth, and develop acommitment to social justice; and to reinforce
education as knowledge learned and shared
Vision Statement
Escuela Tlatelolco Centro de Estudios facilitates an educational community/family environment and institution dedicated to the empowerment of La Raza Indigena
as global humanitarians in the struggle for self-determination.

In order to fully embrace our vision and mission, students are surrounded in a prepared learning environment embraced by Escuela Tlatelolco's Four Educational Cornerstones:

I.  A student will demonstrate the ability to utilize critical and creative thinking:
To provide for communal identification and definition of problems
To generate a variety of solutions based upon trust, respect and grounded ethically

II.  A student will use oral and written expression in at least two languages; artistic expression in a variety of media; and mathematical expression both numerical and conceptual:
Knowledge of the use and allocation of power from the personal to the institutional level
Ability to recognize, query, and analyze environment from the most immediate to the most remote

III.  A student will demonstrate the ability to develop and communicate a culturally respectful, socially just, and politically progressive vision:
That incorporates a personal philosophy of law, politics, and justice
Assisting in actively improving his/her personal, family, and community's health and well being

IV.  A student will demonstrate the ability to lead a life of spiritual growth and discovery and healthy decision making:
To provide the framework for holistic development of the individual within the context of his/her environment

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